Our Mission

BRIT Systems is a leading technology company that provides custom, turnkey solutions for PACS and teleradiology applications. BRIT’s open architecture systems are built around the DICOM-3 standard using best-of-breed commercial off-the-shelf hardware and our industry-specific applications, making our mission-critical solutions flexible, readily upgradeable, scaleable, easy to integrate and reasonably priced.

 BRIT solutions have been designed in conjunction with radiologists, clinicians, medical physicists and computer scientists with the desire to combine high performance with rich functionality and ease-of-use, all in an environment that is available 24×7. BRIT can supply everything a department needs for the acquisition, transmission, storage and viewing of medical images, including HIPAA-compliant DICOM Servers and Archives, Diagnostic and Clinical Viewing Workstations, Film Digitizers, Frame Grabbers and Web Servers.

BRIT, founded in 1993 with the goal of providing affordable PACS based on the DICOM standard, has met its goal and is well respected in the marketplace. BRIT’s ability to design and deploy high quality PACS is based on its comprehensive understanding of radiology departments, medical imaging, networks, DICOM integration, security and highly available computer systems. By working with customers to understand their objectives and the departmental workflow, BRIT implements systems that meet expectations and improve the efficiency of the entire enterprise. BRIT can help build the infrastructure as well as the business case for near film-less environments. In today’s healthcare environment, technologies must contribute to patient care as well as the bottom line; our systems can assist in improving the quality of healthcare while reducing costs.

BRIT also offers a series of ASP services for the off-site support of PACS and teleradiology systems which can include disaster recovery services, long-term data storage and remote web access to medical images and reports. These ASP services allow our clients to focus on the delivery of their radiological services without the need to build expertise on the backend support technologies.

BRIT’s customers include DoD and VA hospitals, teaching institutions, hospitals and clinics of all sizes, radiology groups and mobile service organizations.

BRIT remains an employee-owned corporation headquartered in Dallas, Texas.